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elysia channex studio

channex|studio Exclusive preview of the upcoming channex |studio Analog recording. Grown up. Available Fall 2024 Get updates and be the first to know when channex|studio is available What is channex|studio? In one sentence: A class-A recall channel strip for sessions, recoding and mixing. To fully understand why we developed this device we want you to […]


picture of the elysia nvelope qube.

nvelope nvelope transient. vibrant. shaping. Overview Class-A Stereo Impulse Shaper for recoding, mixing and mastering Developed by the father of the original SPL Transient Designer Full Range Mode (Classic Mode) Superb sounding Shelf Equalizer mode Dual Band mode Best sounding Transient Designer on the market Perfect for the drum room or overheads Can be used as dual mono […]


the elysia logo with the "we care about your music" slogan

Previous Next xpressor |neo fast. energetic. wide. A discrete class-A stereo compressor with a pristine sound and an incredibly flexible feature set. It gives you an enormous amount of control over dynamics while still being comprehensive and easy to use. Achieve professional compression results in no time at all! Learn more xfilter precise. open. versatile. […]

alpha compressor

picture of the front of the elysia alpha compressor

alpha compressor alpha compressor The analog mastering tool. Class-A Stereo mastering compressor with additional features Inaudible compression even at high gain reduction Audio filters for various tonalities Switchable between feed forward and feedback mode Onboard parallel compression Tilt Equalizer Sidechain filter with blend function Smooth control behavior due to RMS detector and soft knee curve […]


picture of the elysia mpressor 2HE rack unit and the 1 slot 500 series module

mpressor mpressor The creative compressor. Learn more about Rack Series Learn more about 500 Series Class-A Stereo compressor for creative recording, mixing and mastering Anti-Log release curve Ideal for all kinds of music applications Negative ratios From pumping to sound design – everything precisely controllable Gain Reduction Limiter Hard Knee compressor External Sidechain Out-/Inputs (only […]


picture of a laptop with elysia plugins opened.

Plugins |elysia Analog models in a digital domain. While our heart and soul loves analog hardware, we have ported some of our analog devices into the digital world together with brainworks. A great way to get to know the devices and who knows – maybe it’s the entry into the world of analog hardware for […]


picture of the elysia xpressor|neo qube front with all controls and buttons.

xpressor|neo xpressor |neo fast. energetic. wide. Overview Class-A Stereo VCA compressor for recoding, mixing and mastering Clear and open sound with punchy and fast transients Powerful low-end-energy Logarithmic and linear release curves Warm Mode for a second sound flavor Detailed high-end reproduction Smooth control response due to RMS detector and soft knee curve Wide and deep three-dimensional stereo field External Sidechain Out-/Inputs (only 19″ Rack Version) Video By loading the video, you […]

qube series

picture showing all models of the elysia qube series

qube analog to go. everywhere. How do you get your favorite analog audio processors side by side of your laptop at home? What about your next tour or gig traveling the world? We have unleashed our famous elysia analog audio processing hardware to make your musical life much easier, flexible and mobile with the elysia […]


picture of the elysia skulpter qube.

skulpter skulpter natural. versatile. rich. Overview High-End Class-A preamp for recording and mixing Relay controlled amplifier stages Combined level and gain meter Shape function with two different sound flavors Adjustable invisible Low Cut Built-in compressor with a 3:1 ratio for compressing while tracking Internal 48V generation for condenser or active ribbon microphones High quality balanced DI […]


picture showing the front of the 2HE museq rack unit.

museq museq The musical mastering equalizer. Class-A Stereo equalizer for mixing and mastering Harmonic Bandpasses with FETs Clear and open sound 5-Band equalizer Switchable Q-characteristic High-/Low Cut with variable resonance  Warm Mode for a second sound flavor Stepped and matched potentiometers Pure transparency filter stages Video By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more Load […]