Entries by Ruben Tilgner

Quality in Music Production

This blog post starts with supposedly simple questions: Did we have higher quality music in the last decades compared to today’s standard? What constitutes high-quality music anyway? The fact is, the concept of quality can be looked at from many angles.

Mixing with Headphones

The great advantage of headphones is that they always offer the same acoustic landscape. Therefore, it does not matter where you are with them. Headphones offer a tonal home that provides an identical working basis day after day.

How to Podcast

Are you planning your own podcast? We’ll give you the essential tips to create crystal clear, transparent and impactful podcasts.

-18dBFS is the new 0dBu

This Blogpost is about Gain staging and the integration of analog hardware in modern DAW Systems. The results? -18dBFS is the new 0dBu.

How to deal with audio latency

Are you suffering from annoying latencies in your audio production? Please read this blog post to get the background about latency and how to solve it.

The elysia hardware purchase guide

You want to know how the elysia product range differs between 500 Modules, 19″ Racks and qube? Is the sound on all machines identical? Here you will find the answer!