100% Discrete Class-A Topology

To explain the advantages of discrete circuitry we’d like to present a comparison that might seem a little odd at first: Audio technology vs. cooking! If one uses instant meals exclusively, one will have to accept whatever comes out of the box. A creative cook, however, focuses on his own special recipes and ingredients.

In this respect, integrated circuits (ICs) are pretty similar to packet soups: They are cheap, mainstream and they simply do not match haute cuisine; so if you want to design an analog audio device 100% according to your own demands and ideas without any compromise, there is no way around using a discrete design.

The elysia skulpter 500 follows this philosophy. Every single part of it is based on 100% discrete audio technology: The mic preamp, the JFET DI input, the two sound shaping paths, the variable low cut filter, the onboard compressor, and – finally – the input and output stages. A truly unique recipe!

In addition, our sound shaping preamp operates in constant Class-A mode. This means that the transistors are always conductive, resulting in the absence of crossover distortion and providing a pristine sonic base: The general sound character is always wide, open and punchy.