mpressor 500


Unique Dynamics Processing

The mpressor 500 brings the heritage of our extremely powerful rack mount mpressor into the 500 series format. Like its bigger brother, the mpressor 500 combines serious punch with a full and detailed class-A sound. Its great tone and flexibility make it an excellent choice for recording and mixing, while its remarkable special features take it far beyond the borders of what normal compressors can do.

The Future

“Literally every single time I mix a record the mpressor is in use. I was just blown away immediately by the sonics, by the flexibility, and by how extreme you could get with it. The mpressor is just lightyears ahead of any other compressor that I own.

There is cool vintage stuff that I use, and then the mpressor is like it‘s from the future. It‘s a new spin on what compressors can do... someone was thinking differently about how a compressor should work... just past the paradigm we‘re in now with compression.”

Joel Hamilton | Studio G | Brooklyn

Control Freak

Extreme time constants, negative ratios, antilog release and elysia’s innovative gain reduction limiter provide a whole spectrum of unique dynamics shaping options. A new feature of the 500 series module is its switchable THD boost allowing on-the-fly signal coloration and saturation effects capable of delivering a grittier flavor.

TEC Award

We were so honored to accept the TEC Award for the mpressor 500 in 2018 during the NAMM show in Anaheim. The compressor from the future was awarded for outstanding technical achievement, and the trophy resides in a most prominent place in our lobby ever since.

“The creative specials of the mpressor 500 make it a unique and sensationally flexible tool. This is one of the very best transparent sounding all-round compressors, combined with one of the very best aggressive creative dynamics units – you simply cannot beat this thing!“

Hannes Bieger | Bonedo | Duisburg

Its massive sound, next generation features and its creative approach make the mpressor 500 a truly outstanding tool in the world of dynamics processing – the compressor from the future.