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The Limited Editions! From time to time, we experiment with new/exciting/special materials in order to figure if these could be used for creating new looks for our products. These projects require a lot of time and manual work on materials which are everything but easy – this is why these unique editions are limited to a single run and only a few pieces at a time.

the xpressor 500 in the meteor limited edition

Meteor Ltd.

The meteor edition is a limited version of our best selling compressor, the xpressor 500. The completely unique appearance reminds of metallic meteorites which can be found in the great museums of natural science all around the globe, and hence the name was born.

The amazing 3D structured surface of this special aluminum was never meant to be used for front panels of high grade audio equipment, as the beautiful patterns it shows are the result of gigantic buzz saws used to cut the massive blocks into big slices.

Release: 2018 | 100 pcs xpressor 500

Beech Boys Ltd.

The origin for this limited series was a lucky find: Two stunning, rare batches of premium spalted beech wood, showing striking individual waveform patterns and amazing discolorations – a result of natural processes within the wood over a long period of time.

Handcrafted by the elysia team, the stunning front panels created from these pieces of wood are rock solid, and a truly sophisticated four-layer construction: beautiful spalted beech on contrasting dark wenge on regular beech on black powdered steel.

SOLD OUT | Release: 2017 | 2 x 50 pcs xp & xf 500

beech boys limited edition from xpressor and xfilter 500
The Vinyl Allstars Limited Edition

Vinyl Allstars Ltd.

To celebrate elysia’s 10th anniversary, we released a distinctive commemorative limited edition of our complete range of 500 series modules – The Vinyl Allstars, a remarkable run of the karacter, nvelope, xfilter and xpressor 500 with stunning front panels hand made from real records!

Each individual module features a unique groove pattern based on the individual record from which it was crafted. The vinyl front panels are supported by a sepia-colored layer of acrylic glass, gently emphasizing the vintage vibe of this ultimate analog appearance.

SOLD OUT | Release: 2016 | 4 x 50 pcs xp, xf, nv, kr 500

Coffee and Cream Ltd.

With the coffee & cream edition, we unveiled a unique look to our line by offering a limited series of our best selling compressor – the xpressor 500 – with hand made wooden front panels and a set of carefully matched custom options.

The coffee edition combines a carefully chosen veneer of beautifully streaked Macassar ebony with a basis of contrasting maple, while cream matches a veneer of lovely figured flame maple with a basis of contrasting walnut.

SOLD OUT | Release: 2015 | 2 x 50 pcs xpressor 500 each

The xpressor 500 Coffee and Cream Limited Edition

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